Websites related to our mission at CAP

The following websites are related to our mission at Community Action Partnership and we recommend them to our visitors.

Community Resources

Dayton Council on Health Equity
Montgomery County’s Local Office of Minority Health. Their goal is to improve the health of the minority population in the Dayton area by eliminating health disparities.

Homefull Community Resource Guide
A community list of all resources in the Dayton area that assists citizens in finding any type of service they may need, from hospitals to education.


National Community Action Partnership
National Association’s page, which is located in Washington D.C. and overseas all branches of CAP. It has all the information you need about programs they offer and events.

National Head Start Association
A country-wide program which is determined to give every child a chance to be successful by being their voices and working hard for policy changes.

Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies
Their mission is to strengthen Ohio’s Community Action efforts. They offer a number of programs and events to unify the community and fight poverty.

Educational Institutions

Institute on Race and Poverty University of Minnesota
This institution researches how people of color are negatively effected by the current policies in place, and is trying to change that.

Institute for Research on Poverty University of Wisconsin-Madison
This institution is looking to further promote the understanding of what U.S. poverty and inequality is caused by and the consequences of it.

Joint Center for Poverty Research Northwestern University
The Joint Center is dedicated to researching problems of poverty, race, and inequality in America.

The Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University
Columbia University’s Mailman school has been researching public health, education, and community collaboration for the past 95 years trying to turn it into action.

National Center for Children in Poverty
Working towards securing the well being, health, and economic status of America’s low-income families and children by fighting for fair public policies.

Government Agencies

Administration for Children and Families
As a division of the Department of Health & Human Services, this administration works to deliver services for our country’s families, children, and individuals and promote their well-being.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
They work to collect data on labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy.

Foreclosure Prevention
Tips on avoiding foreclosures and scams.

Making Home Affordable
This site offers mortgage assistance, like ways to avoid foreclosure and things you need to have prepared when applying to mortgage assistance.

The Office of Community Services
This department works with others to rebuild communities, give individuals more opportunities and economic security, and reduce causes of poverty.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
This department supports Ohio’s families and ones searching for jobs, by offering child support information, programs to assist in the search of jobs, and more.

Ohio Development Services Agency
They are working to create jobs and strengthen Ohio’s communities, while making sure taxpayer’s money is going to good use.

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
The commission regulates all providers of utility services to ensure safe and reliable public utility services.

U.S. Census Bureau
This is the most trusted source that collects data about our nation’s population and economy.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
The HHS works to improve the health and well-being of American citizens by offering services and researching to make advances in medical and health fields and well as social services.

U.S. Department of Labor (Office of Disability Employment)
This site offers a list of resources for people with disabilities who wish to find a job.

Visit our Community Action Partners:

Community Action Law Services, Inc.
CAP Law is a nonprofit organization that provides legal and other resources for the national Community Action Agencies.

National Community Action Foundation
This agency works to the fight against poverty is honored by the federal government.

National Association for State Community Services Programs
They keep the government and others informed of the issues of The Community Services Block Grant and the Weatherization Assistance Program that is offered to low-income communities and families.

If we are unable to assist you with your weatherization or HEAP needs, please visit:

Ohio Weatherization Assistance Program
Mailing Address:
77 South High Street, 29th Floor
Columbus OH 43215
(800)848-1300 Home Weatherization Assistance Program
(800) 282-0880

Private Organizations

They are a social welfare nonprofit, giving people over the age of 65 a chance of getting health insurance.

Jobs With Justice
This organization leads campaigns fighting for American worker’s rights and ensuring the economy is beneficial to everyone.

Americans United for Change
They work to broaden public support to create policies to move America in a different direction that it is heading now.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
This organization provides grants to help federal agencies, states, counties, and cities to go towards fixing issues that children face. These include poverty, being removed from families, and limited access to opportunities.

Brookings Institution
The Brookings Institution is a research nonprofit looking for new ideas to improve our society for all.

Campaign for Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP Action Center)
This campaign is a program that gives short term aid to Americans who are in need assistance paying for home energy.

Center for American Progress
This institution develops new policies, challenge the media, and shape debate to improve the lives of all Americans.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
A research and policy institution working to have policies that reduce poverty and inequality and to bring fiscal responsibility back to how it was.

Center for Law and Social Policy
CLASP is a national, anti-poverty organization working to create policies that benefit low-income people.

Children’s Defense Fund
A nonprofit agency advocating for the children in this country by offering programs and policies to help children out of poverty.

Coalition on Human Needs
The CHN is an alliance of organizations working to promote policies that acknowledge low-income population’s needs.

Economic Policy Institute
They work to get the needs of low-income and middle-income workers into public policy debate by conducting research and proposing these policies.

Families USA
This organization works to see that all American’s have a chance to get affordable and high quality health care.

FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card
This site helps make prescription medication more affordable and accessible to all.

Feeding America
Feeding America uses a network of food banks to feed America’s hungry, and fights to engaged the country to join the fight against hunger.

First Focus
This organization fights to ensure that children and families are priorities in policy discussion.

Food Research & Action Center
FRAC is the leading nonprofit in the U.S. trying to rid of hunger and undernutrition caused by poverty. They conduct research, work for stronger policies, and have public campaigns to promote the change.

Green For All
They work to build a green economy to make sure people of color have a say in the current climate movement.

Guide for Disabled Homebuyers
A blog that informs us of all the rights people have as home-buyers, programs to assist disabled home-buyers, and more.

The Housing Assistance Council
The HAC is a nonprofit organization building homes around rural America.

The Leadership Conference of Civil Rights
This conference works to protecting all American’s human and civil rights by lobbying legislation for fair policies.

National Alliance to End Homelessness
They are “the leading voice” on homelessness. They work with the community to create programs and policies to try and end homelessness.

The National Center on Poverty Law
This center works to ensure laws and policies create equal opportunities and justice for all.

National Community Reinvestment Coalition
The NCRC is an agency that works with many organizatoins to increase flow of private capital into low-income communities.

National Employment Law Project
THE NELP works for policies to create good jobs, better access to current jobs, and give support to the unemployed and low-wage workers.

National League of Cities
NLC is a resource for 49 of the 50 states for city leaders to build better communities. They offer a membership which includes webinars, virtual events, and exclusive online content.onal Low

National Low Income Housing Coalition
This organization is working to assure low-income people to have affordable and decent homes to live in.

National Women’s Law Center
The Center works to protect and further create equality and opportunities for women and families. They push for policies and laws to do just that.

Office of the Ohio Consumer’s Counsel
This has information on all utility services for the state of Ohio.

Opportunity National
This is a national campaign that is working to expand every American has economic mobility

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities
For people with disabilities, it is a guide to teach people how to budget and save.

Share Our Strength
This organizations goal is simple: for no child in America should be hungry. They connect children in need to good foods and teaches their families how to cook affordable and healthy meals.

Single Stop USA
This agency connects families living in poverty to give them access to resources which they can gain a higher level of education, a good job, and economic stability.

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity
This non-partisan group is working towards influencing policy to reduce poverty and increase opportunities for Americans.

United Way-Dayton
An agency that partners with nonprofits, businesses, and government entities to donate and assist in helping the community.