If you only need to reverify your PIPP+ (no disconnect notice/no disconnected services), you do not need an appointment. Please submit your reverification application online, drop it off at our Montgomery County Walk-Up Window, or drop it off at our Darke, Greene, or Preble County offices. Make sure you include uploads or copies of all required documentation. MVCAP has up to 16 weeks to process your reverification application.

Percentage of Income Payment Plan – PIPP Plus

The PIPP Plus (PIPP+) program serves as an extended payment arrangement with your natural gas and/or electric company in which the applicant makes payments based on a percentage of the household’s countable income, rather than a utility payment based on usage.

Through the PIPP+, if you heat with gas or electric, you pay 6% of your monthly household income to each utility company. If you heat and cool with electricity, you pay 10% of your monthly household income to the participating utility company.

It is essential that PIPP+ payments (also known as “installments”) are paid on-time and in-full each month for the two-year program period. The required PIPP+ payment for each account will be reflected on your monthly bill from the utility company. PIPP+ payments must be made even if the account receives a HEAP credit to lower the account balance. You are required to reverify your income once each year to ensure continued eligibility for the program.

To be eligible for the PIPP+ program, the applicant’s household must have a total household income at or below 175% of the 2022-2023 federal poverty guidelines. Please see the chart on the right for more information.

Percentage of Income Payment Plan – PIPP Plus Eligibility Requirements:

Household Size Twelve Months Income
1 $23,783.00
2 $32,043.00
3 $40,303.00
4 $48,563.00
5 $56,823.00
6 $65,083.00
7 $73,343.00
8 $81,603.00

For households with more than eight members, add $7,735.00 to the yearly income for each additional member.