Housing Services

Homeowner Foreclosure Assistance Program

Community Action Partnership’s Housing Department offers assistance if you are behind in your mortgage payment, or in jeopardy of losing your home due to a bad mortgage. We are a HUD-approved certified counseling agency. Our housing counselors are available to help eligible families keep their home by preventing home foreclosure and eviction. Our trained certified counselors assist families learn the facts about their mortgages and the options that may be available to assist. We represent families in negotiations with lenders, and provide assistance to homeowners to organize their finances.

Don’t lose your home to foreclosure. Our housing counseling services are free. We have counseled hundreds of homeowners. We have gotten loan modifications and revised house payment plans for homeowners with their lenders. We will work to get you a fresh start with a new affordable mortgage. Community Action Partnership is here to help!

Please contact the Housing Department at 341-5000, ext. 183 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Download the Homeowner Foreclosure Assistance Program Brochure Here


Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

Through the Homeownership Individual Development Account (IDA) Program, participants benefit from a matched savings account. Individuals enrolled in the program are provided with a match for their savings for use towards a down payment or the closing costs for their newly purchased home. Participants receive financial education and planning assistance along with homeownership and home maintenance education as they work toward their goal of homeownership. Additionally, participants are given assistance with credit repair to help them become mortgage-ready. Eligible individuals and families may work to build an account that may be used toward the purchase of a home in Montgomery County! First-time homeowners or those who have not owned a home in the past three years are eligible to apply. For more information or to apply contact (937) 341-5000, ext. 182.

We’re looking for support! We are pursuing additional funding to support and assist more aspiring homeowners throughout Montgomery County. If you would like more information on how you, your organization or institution can provide financial support for the IDA program, please contact us at (937) 341-5000, ext. 182 or hfap@cap-dayton.org.

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Click Here for the IDA Program Q&A