You have the right to appeal a decision within 30 days of receiving a Notification of the Denial of Services.
You may also file an appeal if your application is not decided upon in a timely manner.

Grounds for Appeal:

•Your application for service was denied
•Your application was neither approved nor denied within 60 days after the application was submitted unless the delay was the result of your lack of cooperation in providing the necessary documentation to determine eligibility.

1. Local Level Written Appeal – Within 30 days of receipt of notice or within 60 days after your application was submitted but not acted upon, submit your appeal in writing (letter or email), explaining your reason for the appeal and supporting documentation to:

Karen Berry, Interim COO
Miami Valley Community Action Partnership
719 S. Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45202 -or- via email at:

a. The appeal review will be completed within 30 days of the date of your appeal request.
b. You will be notified in writing (letter or email) within ten days of the decision.

2. Local Level Hearing – If you were denied during the written appeal, you may request a formal hearing within 30days of the denial of the written appeal. You must submit a request for a formal hearing in writing (letter or email) to the CEO of MVCAP:

Erin Jeffries, CEO
Miami Valley Community Action Partnership
719 Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
-or- via email at: Subject line: HWAP Appeal

a. MVCAP will schedule a hearing within 30 days of receiving the written request.
b. The hearing shall be held at a mutually convenient place or held virtually.
c. MVCAP shall appoint a hearing officer who may be a staff member who was not involved in the decision.
d. You will be notified of the decision in writing (letter or email) within ten days of the formal hearing.

3. State Level Appeal – If you wish to pursue a further appeal, you must submit a written State Level Appeal to the Ohio Department of Development within 30 days of the final hearing decision rendered by MVCAP. The appeal request may be mailed to:

Ohio Department of Development

Office of Community Assistance, Appeals

P.O. Box 2169

Columbus, Ohio 43216

-or- via fax at: (614) 387-2718, Attention: Appeals

a. Development will review appeals that have been denied at both the Local Level Written Appeal and Local Level Hearing and that contain new information or information not considered during either.
b. The appeal request must contain the following information:
i. Client’s name, address, telephone number
ii. Client number (if available)
iii. Reason for appeal
iv. Supporting documentation
v. Client’s signature
c. The decision on the appeal will be made within 30 days of receipt of the appeal request. You will be notified within ten days of Development’s decision.