Emergency Home Energy Assistance Programs (HEAP)

Summer Crisis Program

The 2021 Summer Crisis Program (SCP) runs from July 1st to September 30th. This program provides assistance with electric utility bills, central air conditioning repairs, an air conditioning unit, and/or fan purchases for eligible households:

  • A household member has an illness that would benefit from cooling assistance, verified by physician documentation;
  • A household member is sixty (60) years or older;
  • A household member has been diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • The household is served by a non-regulated utility with a disconnect notice.

Miami Valley CAP will be accepting applications for the SCP through the Ohio Development Services Agency Portal. CLICK HERE to create an account and complete the energy assistance application online.

The maximum amount for bill payment assistance is $300 for regulated utilities and $500 for non-regulated utilities.

In lieu of a direct utility payment, a household may elect to receive a free window air-conditioning unit as a part of the Summer Crisis Program. Income eligible households are permitted one unit, per household, every three years.

The Summer Crisis Program, in conjunction with MVCAP’s Emergency Home Repair Program, can also assist households in paying for the repair of an existing air conditioning unit.

Medical eligibility for any SCP assistance is needed for anyone under the age of 60. You must have written documentation from a medical health professional stating you would benefit from cooling bill assistance or an air conditioning unit.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) benefits income-eligible households (see income charts to the right). The HEAP program is funded by the Ohio Development Services Agency, Office of Community Assistance, while the program is facilitated by Miami Valley Community Action Partnership.

The HEAP program functions as a credit program. Income qualified households submit an application with appropriate documentation (see our “HEAP Documentation Checklist”) to apply for the program. Upon approval, a credit will be applied to the household’s heating utility source around January of the following year. This once-per-year credit is designed to help reduce the burden of higher heating bills in the winter months.

A HEAP application will automatically be submitted for all utility assistance applicants applying online or via mail/agency drop-box.

Winter Crisis Program

The Winter Crisis Program runs from November 1 to March 31 each year. This program provides household’s with a once-per-heating season direct payment benefit to facilitate one of the following steps:

  • Prevent a heating utility disconnection;
  • Restore service to a disconnected heating utility;
  • Transfer utility services to a new unit or address;
  • Refill bulk fuel household’s tank, provided at the time of application, it is at 25% capacity or less

The Winter Crisis Program, in conjunction with MVCAP’s Emergency Home Repair Program, can also assist households in paying for the repair of an existing furnace.

Winter Crisis Program Eligibility Requirements:

Households with a gross income at or below 175% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for the Winter Crisis Program. A household whose total income during the past three months is equal to or less than the following maximums may be eligible. Please see the chart on the right for more information.

HEAP & Summer/Winter Crisis Program 2021 Income Guidelines:

Click here to apply for summer crisis

12-Month Income Limit:

Household 150% 175%
1 $19,140 $22,330
2 $25,860 $30,170
3 $32,580 $38,010
4 $39,300 $45,850
5 $46,020 $53,690

30-Day Income Limit:

Household 150% 175%
1 $1,573.15 1,835.34
2 $2,125.48 2,479.73
3 $2,677.81 3,124.11
4 $3,230.14 3,768.49
5 $3,782.47 4,412.88

For households with more than eight members, add $7,735 to verify yearly income or $644.58 to the 30-day income for each additional member.

HEAP Document Checklist:

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