If you have visited or driven by the Community Action Partnership office on S. Main St. in Dayton recently, you may have noticed a bright, modern, mural design covering what was once the building’s plain exterior. The mural is called “Apertures,” and it is the result of work by artists from Mural Makers at the K12 Gallery and TEJAS, along with financial support from a Greenlight Grant from The Dayton Foundation.
Greenlight Grants are small, quick grants awarded to local, nonprofit organizations in need of funding for special projects, program expansions, capital improvements or capacity building. Community Action Partnership felt the need to do its part to improve an area near downtown Dayton that has seen major construction and expansion from Goodwill, Miami Valley Hospital and others.
The agency contacted Executive Director and Founder Jerri Stanard at the K12 Gallery, TEJAS and Mural Makers.
“They called us to see if we had any ideas for the building, and of course we said ‘yes,’” said Stanard.
Designed by Matt Sauer, the title “Apertures” loosely reflects how much light a camera lens can take in to develop a photograph. Along with Stanard, artists on the project included Lead Artist Tracy Jayne, BK Elias, Maiya Thorton-Hodge, Brad Lee, Kelly Sexton, Rebecca Sargent and Jackson Stanard. The project took about two months to complete.
“It looks amazing from the street,” Stanard says, adding that the design makes the Community Action Partnership very noticeable form the street. “It’s amazing how a little creativity and a lot of creative love can really transform an area.”