The deadline for some to enroll for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act was recently extended. As a result, Community Action Partnership will extend its services to help individuals and families enroll for coverage through Tuesday, April 15.
Michael and Mary Tarzinski recently visited the CAP office to learn their options. They applied for and were ruled eligible for Medicaid.
“We haven’t had coverage for ten years or so,” said Michael Tarzinski. After his heart attack, the couple was left with thousands in medical bills.
“Having the health insurance will sure help out in case I have any more problems,” he added.
In addition to applying for Medicaid, the couple also applied for Social Security and unemployment benefits online, with a little help from their friends at CAP.
“I have an account set up where I can go in and do that by the computer,” Michael Tarzinski said. “It will be easy to set that up.”
“It’s a big relief to get this over with and signed up,” added Mary Tarzinski.
“Our customers are enrolling themselves,” said Michelle Nelson, AmeriCorps VISTA Affordable Care Act Outreach Project Director at Community Action Partnership. “They’re the ones typing all their information in the computer. We cannot input their personal information. We’re there to guide them through the process.”
To make an appointment for enrollment assistance or to speak with a Certified Application Counselor, call (937) 341-5000 ext. 137.
For general questions about the Affordable Care Act or to schedule an event, contact Michelle Nelson at or call (937) 341-5000 ext. 162.